Why choose IS2?

Scope of Competencies

A global vision of the project context, continuous collaboration among various stakeholders, mastery of all the components, a long-term vision, etc. are all elements that lead to an optimal result.

A foot in the industrial world

With 30+ years of experience, IS2 has mastered the multiple communication possibilities that exist on measurement and production control equipment. A good knowledge of the requirements of user-friendliness and efficiency allows IS2 to offer high-performance interfaces appreciated by operators.

The other foot at the heart of servers, networks and databases

Production data today is closely linked to a flow of information that crosses all levels of a company. Real-time production data, analysis results, etc. must be always available to managers. Information from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems must increasingly interact in real time with manufacturing tools. IS2 designs software applications for these high-level IT environments by giving them access to information and field interfaces.

International experience

IS2 provides its services worldwide. We export to the whole world, in a wide variety of cultural situations, and our teams regularly spend several weeks abroad to ensure commissioning and thus guarantee a local service in any country.

This international involvement requires IS2 to be very rigorous in terms of quality, organization and standardization of its applications to obtain stability, support and, above all, maintainability compatible with the constraints of time difference and distance.