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The ISTRAC concept

Installed in 15 different languages in 17 countries around the world, ISTRAC is part of the 4.0 Industry logic allowing companies a fast and secure response to market demands. It allows production equipment traceability and automation while setting aside paper-based management.

Discover ISTRAC

Who are we?

IS2 is a Belgian 25+ years company dedicated to IT and electronics for the cosmetics field from Andenne, Wallonia (Belgium).

We consider our customers as partners: from the earliest stages of project formulation, we cement an alliance for a long-term mutual growth with our customers. We work for an analytical approach to their activities to offer adapted tools to work with. Thus, our solutions are in line with the interests of our customers, which ensures that our tools evolve according to their needs.

Our clients

La Roche Possay

Working with IS2 advantages

We develop,
we install

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According to the customer’s needs

Proactive measures

Based on market needs

Evolving solutions

  • Tailor-made development
  • Global performance updates as needs change