Design of software and general IT solutions for industrial companies

MES solutions

Are you looking to boost the performance of your manufacturing business, while facilitating the job of your operators and managers? Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions enable you to optimise different aspects of your production processes by creating a link between your management systems and production tracking. Automate as many of your tasks as possible, check your production data in real-time and analyse your results easily with the help of our MES solutions.

The values of IS2


With operations all over the world, we feel it is very important to create a close relationship with all of our customers, regardless of the country. Our software developers are involved in analysing the environment as well as in on-site commissioning. Meeting field operators, sharing their experiences and dealing with industrial constraints helps them to propose the right solutions that are appreciated by all of the parties involved.


Only a lean, mobile team is able to offer the convenience of good responsiveness. Responsiveness goes hand in hand with proximity. Good knowledge of our customers and the environment they work in, as well as the technical resources they use, enables IS2 to respond rapidly – and very often to anticipate events before they even happen.


Operating on the MES software market for many years, we have been able to develop a solid expertise that we can draw on for our analyses and software designs. The world of IT is constantly evolving and so we also keep a close eye on all of the new developments coming out of the sector.


In our own way, we aim to help you work towards ensuring a cleaner industry. Which is why we have created ISTRAC Green, which is a feature of our software suite designed to assist you with your waste management. This desire to contribute to a cleaner environment can also be seen from our own way of working. Forced to take flights very often, we joined a carbon offsetting system to counterbalance our CO2 emissions. Together, we are working for a cleaner world.


Our software

The ISTRAC software suite, IS2’s flagship product, is the culmination of more than 15 years of expertise in the field of industrial production. ISTRAC tools manage the whole chain, from the generation of manufacturing recipes, right through to production equipment and interfaces, storage, packaging …

This huge amount of experience also enables us to meet customisation requests, suited to your specific needs and your environment.

Our services

We offer you total help and guidance throughout your projects:

  • Application analysis
  • Analysis and software design
  • Supply of hardware
  • Integration on-site and commissioning
  • Training
  • Ongoing developments and support contract

Manufacturing companies

The world of industry is currently going through a whole new revolution: Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber-systems and many others are beginning very gently to infiltrate the production chain, bringing with them totally new manufacturing processes. At the center of this digital transformation is the Manufacturing Execution System software.

IS2 has specialised for many years in the design of MES software for the cosmetics sector. Our solutions also apply to any other industry manufacturing liquid products in large containers, such as the agri-food sector or chemicals.

About IS2

Created in 1993, IS2 (Interface Soft Service SPRL) has long pursued goals clearly defined by its original identity:


We position ourselves as a link: a link between environments, technologies and skills.


Information technology, and especially the design of software conception, is the essential way to achieve current tech-based objectives. IS2 makes this world its center of gravity.


Human contact, guiding customers through new and sometimes unknown processes, the proximity that is so vital to knowing and understanding environments, an all-encompassing approach covering every need and requirement in the field, etc. are all aspects that we aim to provide our customers with.

Our financial partners

Since 2021, two strategic shareholders have entered the capital of IS2:


Mesar ensures us a commercial and technical anchorage on the whole American continent


Member of the Horizon holding company, GPAI strengthens our skills and technical collaboration in Europe

Our industrial partners

IS2 works with various automation partners, some of which are certified as part of the ISTRAC integration.

Tetra Pak
CA Consultants

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