Industry 4.0 Software

In a world where new technologies are changing the way production is done almost every day, a fourth industrial revolution was inevitable. Industries are now facing a new revolution: cybersystems, connected objects, artificial intelligence, etc.

From now on, industries can no longer be satisfied with producing quality. To remain competitive, they need to improve their productivity and be innovative. This is what Industry 4.0 is all about.

This requires the integration of digital technologies into production systems.

MOM / MES software, which is the link between your management system and your supervision system, contributes to the automation of processes by intervening in the execution of production instructions. Finally, they facilitate the monitoring and traceability of your production, thanks to a global and real-time vision of your chain.

IS2 values

For all our clients, we are committed to the values of:


We want to create strong relationships with all our customers. Our software developers are involved in environmental analysis as well as on-site commissioning. Meeting field operators, sharing their experience and confronting industrial constraints helps them to offer solutions that are adapted and appreciated by all stakeholders.


Having been in the MOM / MES software market for decades, we have been able to develop a solid expertise that we rely on during our software analysis and design.


The good knowledge of our customers and their environment as well as the technical ways implemented allow us to react quickly and even anticipate events. In addition, we focus on innovation: As market expectations change rapidly, it is essential that our industrial software can also evolve to remain at the forefront of technology. This requires our knowledge, but also our structure and our ongoing interaction with our customers.