ISTRAC: keeping your manufacturing under control

Developed initially to meet the high demands of the cosmetics industry, our ISTRAC software suite is an MES solution that covers all sectors involved in the manufacture of liquids in large containers (agri-food, chemicals, etc.). Versatile, settable and intuitive, ISTRAC delivers an effective overview of the manufacturing processes. It is made up of a set of functionalities whose common aim is to assure the quality of the finished product throughout the production process.

Associated with a software package for drafting manufacturing procedures and in direct communication with the production tools, our ISTRAC solution carries out the following functions:

  • Display of the last operating mode validated on the production equipment
  • Conformity control in real-time: temperature, mixing speed, pressure, etc.
  • Transfer of commands and instructions to the automatic equipment control system
  • Generation of manufacturing reports in real-time
  • Performance calculations
  • Detection of equipment anomalies
  • etc.

ISTRAC is a unique solution that is perfectly suited to your production environment. It guarantees the repeatability of production and ensures total traceability, while optimising performance.


The main applications


This is the application used by the operators of manufacturing stations. Its interface, which is totally adapted to production environments, provides the operator with assistance through the effective visualisation of the actions to be managed, by checking on conformity in real-time and by transferring commands to the automated equipment. ISTRAC can be adjusted to manual, semi-automatic or full-automatic production modes. In full-automatic mode, ISTRAC manages the timing of the manufacturing stages in relation to conformity checks.

ISTRAC MobileTank

ISTRAC Mobile Tank monitors mobile storages:

  • Securing filling (status of hygiene, conformity, capacity, etc.)
  • Securing hygiene activities (weight authorised, destruction constraints, etc.)
  • Traceability of all procedures (filling, weighing, hygiene activities, etc.)
  • Calculation of losses (destruction, weight before washing, etc.)

ISTRAC Manager 3

This application, which is intended for production managers, is the administration tool that controls the access and rights of users, the settings for the manufacturing stations and their ISTRAC functionalities. It also enables the visualisation in real-time of the current status and actions underway as well as the remote control of production stations.

ISTRAC Report 3

ISTRAC Report is also an application deployed on the network, giving access to all reports about manufacturing, conformity, performance, hygiene, losses and so on. These reports, supplemented by analysis functionalities (Gantt, conformity rankings, etc.) are essential tools for having a good understanding of production anomalies and management of an ongoing improvement policy.

ISTRAC Green and others

Other applications round out the horizon offered by ISTRAC.

By way of example, ISTRAC Green offers genuine traceability of the origin, nature and quantities of the waste generated on the packaging line.

The benefits of our software suite for your manufacturing facility:

  • No more paper production documents (recipe, traceability, etc.)
  • Ease and speed of modifying manufacturing recipes
  • Immediate detection of non-conformities
  • Simplified automation
  • Single platform and identical interface regardless of the level or brand of equipment
  • etc.

Production management software tailored for industry

IS2 is also all about the expertise that we make available to work with you on developing customised management software, geared to your production specifics. We can guide you throughout the implementation of a specific solution: analysis of your needs, definition and proposition of a solution, programming, validation, on-site commissioning, guidance and training.


The benefits of IS2 software

Scalable solutions

Innovation is now the high point of all industry seeking to develop. This means that it is essential that the software that you use is also capable of evolving and remaining at the cutting edge of technology.

Networking software

If you have multiple production sites, then our networking solutions will enable your various factories to communicate their manufacturing information with ease. That way, they can compare their results and align their performance.

An interface geared to your various business lines

An operator busy working does not need the same information as a manager who is checking production data. That’s why our software provides an interface that suits everyone’s needs and individual skills areas.

An ongoing partnership

All of our solutions are sold with guidance services. This means that at every stage of our collaboration, we aim to create with you a relationship of trust that takes the form of an ongoing partnership.

Certified ISTRAC partners

To ensure the compatibility of our software with the software you are already using – as well as to guarantee the problem-free implementation of our solutions, we work with different automation partners, some of which are ISTRAC-certified.