Our advice is not limited to IT solutions. It includes the realities we face on the field and specific advice to this industry. Our MOM / MES solution, ISTRAC, has been developed to meet these specific needs, combining IT knowledge with industry-specific expertise. ISTRAC goes from the writing of recipes to the treatment of waste in packaging lines, designed for different profiles not being IT experts.

3 tools for this:


Software for creation and management of industrial recipes. It allows easy, intuitive and reliable recipe writing by the plant’s recipe managers. Its installation includes the supply of the software and support to build up recipes. Provided for unlimited number of users.


Analysis of all the procedures managed under ISTRAC. With an unlimited number of users, this tool allows you to look at the factory’s productions from different angles and with a very diverse number of tools. Very intuitive, the main objective is to facilitate the reading of the data traced in production to allow decision-making.


Management of production equipment units (skids), this software is configured according to the needs and capacities of each customer. It records the activities on a skid while helping the operator through an efficient visualization of the actions to be managed, a real-time compliance control and a transfer of orders to the automation equipment. It is available in three configurations:

  • Manual management.
  • Manual management with skid information retrieving.
  • Automatic management.

Additional tools

ISTRAC can also manage storage tanks, production planning, waste management in the packaging area, weighing stations and data export for analysis, all of this by modules to be implemented gradually.

Advantages of the ISTRAC suite:

  • Focused on saving resources, the production environmental impact is reduced , as it improves the raw materials control and the management of waste and processes, limiting the destruction of batches for quality reasons
  • Local server installation
  • Remote access from our support team for real-time help
  • Ease and speed of modifying manufacturing recipes
  • Immediate detection of non-conformities
  • Simplified Automation
  • Tools designed for the cosmetics industry
  • Complies with various nationals legislations (FDA, INVIMA, etc.)
  • Ergonomic solution made with its daily users’ collaboration
  • More than 25 years of experience in cosmetics around the world
  • The License and Support agreement that binds us permanently to our customers for any questions, suggestions and needs

    • Regular Updates
    • Support for one-off problems in the event of a technical failure of your equipment (PC, server, communication, etc.)
    • 24/7 critical support
    • Software customized user assistance