Link between two worlds

IS2 is positioned at the center of two separate areas of IT: management IT and field IT, both of which are closely associated with industrial processes.


  • Database
  • Analysis application
  • Report management
  • Communication (ERP)

Industrial process

  • Process control
  • Industrial interface
  • Stock management
  • Dynamic weighing

One foot in the industrial world

With 25 years of experience, IS2 is totally familiar with the many communication options that exist on measuring and production control equipment. Having such a good knowledge of the imperatives of user-friendliness and efficiency enables IS2 to provide highly effective interfaces that are much appreciated by operators. And to provide an overall solution, IS2 provides equipment such as barcode-readers, touchscreens, etc. that are carefully selected and geared to suit every context.

The other foot in the heart of servers, networks and databases

Production data today is closely linked to a flow of information that crosses every level within a company. Real-time production data, analysis results, etc. must be available to managers at all times. Increasingly, information from integration management software (ERP) must interact in real-time with manufacturing tools. With this in mind, IS2 designs software applications for these high-level IT environments by giving them access to information and interfaces from the field.

Scope of skills

Having an overall view of the context of projects, ongoing collaboration between the various parties involved, having control over all constituents, a long-term vision, etc. are all elements that enable the optimum result to be achieved. With this in mind, IS2 aims to help guide its customers. From functional analysis to commissioning and in-company training, IS2 offers a total service.


Application analysis

In addition to its IT skills, IS2 also shares its operational experience. We take part in defining project by adding our knowledge of IT solutions into the mix.

Analysis and software design

Our team of IT specialists familiar with the various industrial environments works directly with customers.

Supplying hardware

The equipment associated with an application can be selected and supplied by IS2. From industrial touchscreens to barcode scanners, not to mention specific weighing or measuring equipment, IS2 offers a whole range of equipment that it knows inside out and which corresponds to the requirements of its market.

On-site integration and commissioning

This facing up to reality is an essential step in the validation process and especially in the success of projects. IS2 provides operational solutions in Belgium and all round the world.

Ongoing developments

IS2’s long-term vision takes shape in the scalable approach of its applications, as well as through the offer of a responsive support that guarantees that customers can benefit from the optimum output from their equipment. IS2 looks to achieve genuine partnerships with its customers so that it can help and guide them in their manufacturing development.

Support contract

The IS2 support team handles the follow-up of all our applications after installation or as part of a support contract: real-time assistance with remote handling, analysis of production data, suggestions for improvements, software updates and much more.

International experience

IS2 provides its services all over the world, mainly as part of the rollout of the ISTRAC software suite. Exports represent over 80% of our market. We export to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Indonesia and South Africa. Our teams regularly spend several weeks abroad to commission systems and provide local service and training in all countries.

This international commitment requires IS2 to have rigid standards for quality, organisation and standardisation of its applications in order to achieve stability, provide support and above all ensure maintainability that is compatible with the constraints of time differences and distance.