IS2: provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software

MES solutions are essential in helping you make the transition to Industry 4.0. As a genuine link between your company’s ERP and production machinery, they are a central element of the factory of the future. IS2 has been providing effective, high-performance MES solutions since 1993, helping you in your digital transformation.


Our MES solutions

With more than 300 installations all over the world, our ISTRAC suite of software is a manufacturing assistance and management tool that is particularly well suited to the production of liquids in large containers (cosmetics, agri-food, chemicals). We also provide solutions to manufacturing companies seeking to find a unique, customised solution suited to their specific production environment.


Software for managing industrial processes

So, what exactly is an MES solution? In most manufacturing industries the production workshop is controlled by two large computer systems: management software and supervision software.

  • The management system usually consists of computer-assisted production software (CAPM software) linked to the overall company management system, i.e. its ERP.
  • The supervision system is field software that monitors and controls the manufacturing processes. It is often linked to the equipment automation control (PLC).

The role of the MES software is to establish a link between these two systems, enabling production data and technical data to be processed in the same place and at the same time. MES software also plays an important role in implementing production instructions by automating a large section of the processes and significantly improving the quality and efficiency of the operator interfaces. The strength of MES solutions lies in their ability to combine planning, execution and analysis.

Why have an MES solution?

There are numerous benefits of MES software for your business. By using it, you are able to enhance numerous aspects of your company management and so boost your efficiency. You also make life easier for your operators and managers by simplifying part of their day-to-day tasks.

Boost the performance of your business

By automating your manufacturing processes, MES solution enables you to optimise your production and provide the same product with consistent quality. You control all of the production processes by highlighting the potential for improving the production chain, while at the same time increasing your performance.

Help with decision-making

MES software also provides you with a full report in real-time of the realities in your manufacturing facilities. The immediacy of the information enables you to be more responsive and hence to take the right decisions more easily. A production problem, a human error and much more are detected in real-time and then analysed and corrected quickly so that their impact is reduced.