Software for Industry 4.0

In a world where new technologies appear every day, a fourth industrial revolution was inevitable. Following on the mechanisation made possible by achieving the control of hydraulic energy and the steam engine, mass production brought about electricity and automation from electronics, manufacturing industries are now faced with a new revolution: cyber systems, connected objects artificial intelligence and so on.

Production and Industry 4.0

From now one, industry can no longer be content to producing quality. To remain competitive and continue to grow, it has to increase productivity and demonstrate innovation. That’s the whole issue of Industry 4.0: to begin the digital transformation of your factory so that it can become more efficient.

What are the effects on production?

To become a 4.0 industry, you must integrate digital technologies into your production systems. One of the ways in which this is done is by interconnecting different production means and systems, increasing the automation of manufacturing processes and improving information systems by enhancing real-time follow-up and traceability.

Today, more and more solutions are opening the way to Industry 4.0. This is the case of MES software. Highly representative of this desire to intercommunicate, they provide the link between your management system and your supervision system. They are also part of process automation by intervening in the very execution of production instructions. Finally, they facilitate the follow-up and traceability of your production thanks to the overall real-time overview of your chain of production.

Our preferred sectors

Our solutions are applied to the production of any liquid made in large containers for which the manufacturing recipes combines a succession of mechanical operations with the introduction of raw materials. Consequently, they are perfect for the needs of the cosmetics, agri-food and chemicals industries.

Production software for the cosmetics industry

As a cosmetics industry specialists since it was first established, IS2 first developed its ISTRAC software for a major name in the industry. Today, it is a standard feature for all of this group’s sites.

Management software for agri-food production

Our solutions are also well suited to agri-food production. Entirely modular to meet your needs, they enable you to manage various significant aspects of your sector, such as stock management, quality control, traceability, etc.